When April rolls around at Jake Sweeney Kia, we’re a busy bunch. If you didn’t know, April is National Car Care Month, so we throw ourselves head first into looking out for our new and returning customers by providing maintenance at our Florence, KY Kia service center. Maintenance is vital for your vehicle, and in keeping with the spirit of the month, we want to come forward and give you a couple solid reasons why you should be keeping up with the maintenance of your new or used Kia vehicle.

Consider the ever-looming oil change. It’s easy to lose track of when it’s time to get it done, and it’s usually one of the easier things to overlook or tuck away for a better day. But do you know what old oil can do to your engine? It gets hotter quicker than fresh oil, which makes for a perfect storm of added wear and tear to your Kia’s most vital part. Impurities and metal shavings in the ever-darkening oil also can cause damage to more intricate engine components as well. And when you consider that the same sort of thing can happen to your transmission as well, it’s easy to see how important routine fluid maintenance can be.

And that’s not to mention the things that need routine replacement! Brake pads, air filters, batteries, tires – all components with a limited lifetime. To let them die out of go past their expiration date can mean problems for several different parts of your Kia.

So what you need is reliable, regular maintenance performed by professionals that know your car inside and out. Our dedicated Kia service team provides top-notch maintenance for all of our Cincinnati-area Kia customers while providing a wide array of specials and deals on both OEM parts and service. Come in today to celebrate April the right way!