When shopping for a pre-owned Kia car, many of our customers ask if these models are reliable. This is a fair question to ask, and our dealers at Jake Sweeney Kia of Florence, KY are eager to help you find a capable, pre-owned car that fulfills your automotive needs.

Buying Pre-Owned at Jake Sweeney Kia

What can you expect from a pre-owned Kia model? Whether you’re purchasing a certified pre-owned or pre-owned model, you can drive assured that the vehicle has been fully inspected by one of our parts and service experts.

While there are plenty of discount private sellers out there, few manage to be as comprehensive in their inspections as we are. Our team isn’t just skilled; we’re also well-equipped to evaluate every aspect of your vehicle from top to bottom. As a result, every model in our pre-owned car showroom is ready to give you an incredible driving experience for the long-term.

Reliable from Start to Finish

If you want to go the extra mile in ensuring the reliability of your vehicle, we also offer automotive warranties. These warranty programs can vary depending on the vehicle you buy and whether you buy a pre-owned or certified pre-owned model. That said, when you opt for a warranty program, you can cover all of your bases and protect yourself from any potential mechanical issues that may arise.

At Jake Sweeney Kia, we take your ride seriously. While we may be a Kia dealership that specializes in auto retail, we also provide our customers with maintenance services that can extend the life of your vehicle. Regardless if you buy certified pre-owned, pre-owned, or new, we’ll work to earn your complete satisfaction.