At Jake Sweeney Kia, we think buying a car should be an easy, stress-free process. We know there are many myths out there about buying a new car and what to watch out for, so let us set some things straight today for our customers in the greater Florence, KY area.

Myth: Financing is a long, complicated process.

Truth: Once you fill out an application online, it is actually super simple from there. We tell you what you qualify for, you pick a vehicle, you can pick a lender or go with our recommendation, and then we discuss the tax and titling details and send you on your way. Our Kia financing center is here to help.

Myth: Car salespeople are deceptive.

Truth: Our salespeople are just that…people. They’re ordinary friends and parents just like you. They’re not out to steal your money, they are just doing their job, which is to help you find your dream car with us. Our salespeople are highly motivated to help you get a fair price and make your experience with us a positive one.

Myth: Once we get your money, you’re on your own.

Truth: We are here for you during every step of the process: shopping, financing, trades, service, and more. Our Kia service center is a great tool you can continue to use over the years, and you can trust us to continue to make our existing customers a priority.

If you’re still unsure about us, check out our reviews online or come by the lot to meet our staff. We promise to put you at ease immediately and answer any other questions you may have about buying a car or getting vehicle service at our Kia dealership.