With winter in full effect, now seems like as good a time as any to take your 2020 Kia Forte in for an oil change. Winter is usually a hard driving time, especially if you go out of town to visit with family, so taking the time to get the Kia service your car needs is time and money well spent.  

When it comes to taking care of your Kia Forte, a common oil change can do it a world of good. While a lot of people end up procrastinating for one or two months, it can be very bad for your Kia. Old engine oil robs your car of engine power, fuel economy, and ultimately, its life. When oil is clean, it provides a vital friction barrier needed to keep your engine running in optimal condition.  

Clean oil ensures that the heat generated by your engine is kept as low as possible to make sure that you’re getting peak performance. Old engine oil, on the other hand, absorbs less and less friction as impurities and metal shavings accumulate, making the engine get hotter quicker and adding undue wear and tear to your Kia Forte.  

When you come into our service department at Jake Sweeney Kia, our certified Kia technicians will look over your vehicle to ensure that its engine is healthy. We will also check out the other parts of your vehicle that might need to be replaced, such as oil filters, air filters, and brakes. If need be, we’ll use quality, original Kia equipment parts to replace them. Make your service appointment today to make sure that your Kia Forte stays on the up-and-up.