One of the best parts about living in the digital age is that we can find pretty much anything online and get it shipped directly to our homes. But what if you’re looking for a car? Well, we have plenty of tools on our website to help you find the new or pre-owned Kia vehicle that you need. So today, our dealers at Jake Sweeney Kia want to go over how easy it can be to find the Kia of your dreams. 

It all starts on our front page – the “New Inventory” and “Used Inventory” tabs are your starting points. From there, we break it down even more granularly. If you’re looking for new Kia models, you can search for any of our popular vehicles, such as the 2020 Kia Forte, the 2020 Kia Soul, and many more. You can also look at the newest offers for our new Kia models, as well as any incentives we currently have on our new Kia cars. 

If you’re looking for a used Kia vehicle, our “Used Inventory” tab has everything you’re looking for. Within that tab, you can search by vehicle type, like sedans or SUVs. You can also search for certified pre-owned vehicles that are protected by Jake Sweeney Kia’s own top-quality certification program, to make sure that you’re getting as close to new as possible. We also offer Smart Budget buys in this tab as well, to help you find the best offer for your Kia.  

From there, you can search even further, with our search engine allowing you to search by exterior color, mileage, and even trim level. Find the Kia that’s right for you when you come into our Florence, KY Kia dealership or when you visit our website.