When you take a new or certified pre-owned Kia out for a test drive at Jake Sweeney Kia, we’re letting you drive some of the best vehicles on the road. However, we have quite a range of fine Kia cars for offer at our Florence, KY lot, so figuring out what vehicle you’re going to want to take out will make sure your vehicle will save you a lot of time. Today, we want to tell you our tips for making sure your test drive goes as well as possible.

Before you even head over to our Kia dealership, it’s best if you figure out which kind of Kia is right for your lifestyle. Do you want style and fun in a compact for factor? Then try out the 2019 Kia Soul. Or are you looking for something a bit more midsize, but still bursting to the brim with options and advanced technology? Then check out the 2019 Kia Optima. Once you get a model in mind, you will need to figure out what trim model works the best for you as well. From there, it’s time to come in and say hi.

When you get behind the wheel of your prospective new Kia, there are several things you can do before hitting the road. Get a feel for the interior – is it comfortable? Do you feel like you have enough headroom and legroom? Do the seats adjust to your liking? Is the Infotainment system easy to use and intuitive?

When you finally get on the road, don’t take it easy on your test vehicle. This is a test drive, after all – and you’re the one administering the test. Find some highway and see how well your vehicle merges and accelerates. You should also test how well it handles stop-and-go traffic situations – how do the active safety features assist you in these varying situations?

There are several reasons for making a test drive as productive as possible. Follow our instructions, and when you come into our Florence, KY Kia dealership, you’re going to be glad you did the research and put the time into discovering the car that is right for you.