At Jake Sweeney Kia, we strive to make sure our customers are taken care of long after they drive their new or used Kia vehicle off our lot. And when winter hits the Florence, KY area, things get dicey for vehicles in the snowy parts of the Appalachians. So when the snow finally melts, we owe it to our cars to prep them for the nicer weather to come. And today, we want to share our tips for readying your car for spring.

Once the ice and snow melt away, all that’s left is a nice coat of salt to dry over the roads, washed away by the rain. However, that isn’t the case on your Kia’s undercarriage. Any salt and moisture that built up there will take much longer to go away, possibly causing rust or weakening your vehicle’s protections against it. So make sure that you get your Kia a wash as soon as the weather will permit it, and possibly a rust undercoating if need be. Your vehicle will thank you for it.

Afterward, it’s time to check in with your tires. Potholes can form during the winter and only get worse when the ice melts away to expose the holes they made. So get your tires rotated and inspected – you might find out you need to replace them, and that’s a much better way to find out than to have a blowout on I-75 in the mountains.

From there, you should also get your internals checked out, like your A/C unit and your battery’s health. But where would you do that and all these other things we’ve talked about? Why, our service center, of course! Schedule your appointment with our certified Kia service technicians to ensure that your car is running in top condition for the warm weather.