As the weather starts to warm up, our dealers at Jake Sweeney Kia are ready to help your Kia get ready for spring. When you bring your new or used Kia vehicle to our Florence, KY Kia service center, we’ll do our best to keep your vehicle in top condition.  

Today, we want to share some tips on how to get your car ready for spring.  

Rust-Proofing Your New Kia Vehicle 

As the weather warms up, the salt used to de-ice roads can build up in your vehicle’s undercarriage. If left untreated, it can end up causing premature rust and damage. When the snow finally melts for good, make sure to bring your Kia to a car wash as soon as possible. You can even add a rust undercoating to keep your vehicle protected.  

Kia Service for Your Tires 

You should also take care of your vehicle’s tires before spring arrives. If you’ve got a set of winter tires on your vehicle, you’re going to want to rotate them out for a set of all-weather tires. Winter tires are designed to perform in cold temperatures, and warm asphalt can easily wear down a winter tire’s treads much faster than normal. Get all of your tires inspected when you visit our Kia service center, so you can make sure that you can use your winter tires again next year.  

If anything does need to be replaced, it’s easy to do so at our Florence, KY Kia service center. We carry nothing but quality OEM parts that offer superior quality, and they’re always installed by our certified technicians who know your vehicle inside and out.  

To get your car ready for spring, search for a “Kia dealership near me” and make a service appointment today!