At Jake Sweeney Kia, we love helping people find new Kia models. If you’re looking for a convenient, stress-free way to own a new Kia, then you might want to look into leasing a Kia. There are several positives when it comes to leasing, and we’re ready to run through them all with you. 

What Happens When I Lease a Car?  

Why should you lease car in the first place? The first and most popular reason is cost. Leases are for new cars only, which is great for those of us who want to be driving the latest and greatest cars out there.  

With a lease, you can be driving a new car every couple of years, and it will be less expensive than financing a pre-owned or new Kia. For the ability to drive a car loaded with the newest safety features and tech options, such as Smart Cruise Control or wireless charging, it’s a dream deal.  

How Does Leasing Work? 

Leasing involves making payments like a normal car, but you’re financing something completely different: depreciation. That’s the value a new Kia car loses from not being a new Kia car anymore. Leases theorize how much value you expect it to lose over the period of the lease, and then you pay that amount, financed over the period of the lease.  

Say you want to lease a 2020 Kia Optima for three years. We might say that over the period of the loan, with mileage limits and everything else, it would lose about 40 percent of its new car value. So over the three years, you would be paying that depreciation percentage to us, in addition to any taxes and fees included.   

When you’re ready to find the Kia of your dreams, make sure you speak to one of our Florence, KY Kia dealers to get incredible lease and financing offers.