Here at your Cincinnati, OH area Kia dealership we always stress maintaining a regular car maintenance schedule for top performance on your new or used car all year long. Something that is often overlooked is your car’s battery. When you want to make sure your battery is in in great condition, be sure to make an appointment with our Kia automotive professionals at Jake Sweeney Kia in the Covington, KY area.

Improved Vehicle Performance

The battery in your new 2018 Kia Optima or pre-owned Kia works hard to provide power to all electrical components in addition to the electronic fuel injection system. Though a car engine can sometimes function from power from the alternator, a car’s battery is stores power that is not being used by the engine. Bringing your vehicle in for regular maintenance and battery checks at our Kia service center will help to ensure that all electrical connections are working properly!

Vehicle Security

Perhaps the most important reason to keep your battery in excellent condition is to ensure that your vehicle’s anti-theft system is working properly and keeping your Kia Soul secure. The weather during the winter months here in Florence, KY often times means dreadfully cold temperatures. Drastic temperature changes can affect a battery’s charge. Our experienced Kia technicians are more than happy to check your charge levels as well as make sure your battery is not covered with any debris.

To make an appointment to have your battery looked at or even replaced, call your local car service center at Jake Sweeney Kia at (866) 982-3596. You can find our Kia dealership located at 5969 Centennial Circle in Florence, KY. If you are looking to replace your current car or SUV, feel free to stop by our new Kia showroom and we will be happy to answer any questions about buying or leasing!