Here at Jake Sweeney Kia near Covington, KY we understand the appeal of buying a new car like the 2018 Kia Optima. However, at your new car dealership in Florence, KY there are often time a number of reasons to go with a dependable used car from our vast inventory.

New cars continually push new innovation and are stocked with new technology, safety and entertainment features. Having a car that has never been in an accident or that has been driven almost not at all offers excitement as well as a certain peace of mind. Oftentimes, you can also have your car made to fit your customization wants and needs.

Buying a used car has its benefits as well, though. In addition to the enormous benefit on the price tag, there are a number of reasons to think about a buying used. They don’t depreciate in value as much as new cars do, and at a much slower rate at that. If you ever decide you want to trade it in for something else, you may get almost as much as you paid for the car. That isn’t going to happen with a car you bought new. You will be saving money is other ways as well, as insurance on a used car is cheaper than it is with a new Kia.

Kia models are constantly undergoing innovative redesigns, and sometimes a car model is discontinued altogether. If you are looking for a certain model or model type, you may not be able to buy one new, but you could always find a pre-owned version of the car or SUV.

While we are extremely proud of our new Kia lineup at Jake Sweeney Kia, we are just as proud of our pre-owned car inventory. Come test drive one today! We are conveniently located at 5969 Centennial Circle in Florence, KY!