Whether you’re looking for discount car batteries or you require battery service, you should seek guidance from reputable experts. At Jake Sweeney Kia, you’ll find maintenance and car care professionals who break the mold in what you should expect from your auto provider.  

Why Car Battery Service Matters

Some of our customers wonder why car battery service is important and how it affects overall vehicle performance. Your car’s battery is designed to provide much-needed power to your engine’s starter and other modern amenities, such as your locks, windows, and infotainment system. Like most car parts, your battery isn’t meant to last forever, and like many other cars, components will reach a point where expert service is necessary.  

Our Car Battery Services

When you visit our service and parts center for battery service, our team will go the extra mile to ensure that your battery continues to function properly. We always make sure to clean your cables and wipe away corrosion, which can be harmful in the long term.

We’ll also check the condition of your battery and determine whether or not you’re due for a replacement. If you do require a full-on battery replacement, our car care experts will provide you with a brand new battery as well as a complete install.

Visit Our Kia Dealership Today 

Car batteries may seem like an intimidating component to seek service for, but our auto care professionals are here to make things simple and easy. Expert maintenance from a team of professionals who truly care can be hard to come by unless you visit our Kia dealership.