When you are thinking of buying a 2018 Kia car for sale, it is always worth checking to see if your current vehicle is in shape to be traded in. Trading in a vehicle can often times save you some money towards your purchase of a new vehicle. Owners trade-in cars in every possible condition. If you take a little time to tune the vehicle up, the value of the car can go up, which makes for a better trade-in value for you. Here are some pointers we recommend at Jake Sweeney Kia.

Look the Tires Over

If your tires are bald or need to be replaced, it will bring the appraisal down by the amount it will cost to replace the ties. If you need new tires, be sure to schedule an appointment with our car service center in Florence, KY.

Check Out the Paint

Is the paint on your car dull or scratched? You will want to get scratches touched up before you think about trading in your car, truck or SUV. Also, giving the car a good waxing and touching up any little chips goes a long way in making the paint job look almost brand new.

Inspect the Windshield

If you have any cracks in the windshield, replacement cost may well be deducted from the car’s appraisal. Your auto insurance may cover damaged windshield replacement if you have glass coverage on your policy. Or, alternatively, small star dings can be filled for a modest price.

Gather All Relevant Documents

Before you head into Jake Sweeney Kia, you will need to gather all the documents needed to trade-in your vehicle. You will need the title for the car, owner’s manual, proof of registration, and any maintenance receipts.

If you are thinking about buying a 2018 Kia Optima, you will definitely want to consider trading-in your current car or SUV. Come see us at 5969 Centennial Circle in Florence, KY and we can help you sort out the process!