At some point or another, your car’s malfunction indicator light will come on. While this can be somewhat unavoidable, our Kia service specialists here at Jake Sweeney Kia are here to make sure it doesn’t inconvenience you during your travels. 

Diagnosing the Problem 

Often regarded as a check engine light, your malfunction indicator light is often a telltale sign of a deeper issue. Fortunately, problems stemming from this light can vary dramatically, ranging from something as simple as a loose gas cap to a more serious, long-term issue. 

Diagnosing the source of your check engine light can be somewhat tricky to do on your own, but there are a handful of common causes, such as: 

  • Oxygen sensor in need of replacement
  • Faulty catalytic converter  
  • Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) in need of replacement 
  • Spark plugs or plug wires in need of replacement 
  • Loose, damaged, or missing gas cap

Remedying Your Check Engine Light 

As you can tell, a check engine light can mean a number of things. Fortunately, you can solve the issue with the help of our auto care experts.

You can even find the cause of your check engine light on your own with the use of an OBD-II reader. These code readers can provide a list of common causes for your check engine light and give you further insight on how to solve the issue. 

Kia Service at Our Dealership 

If your check engine light is on in your car and you’re unsure of the cause, our service experts at our Florence, KY Kia dealership are here to help. No matter what the issue may be, Jake Sweeney Kia is here to resolve it.