Keeping everyone in your vehicle safe is always a top priority for anyone in the rolling mountains of the Florence, KY area, and at Jake Sweeney Kia we strive to keep our vehicles on the cutting edge of safety. And thanks to the innovations that Kia continues to bring forward with safety technologies on their vehicles, we feel more confident than ever in our ability to bring a safe ride to you and your passengers. And today, we want to show you just some of the features you can find on our new Kia models that employ some cutting-edge technologies to keep everyone on the road protected.

Kia Drive Wise features the most innovative technologies we have thus far, and it covers things like Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB). That utilizes the sensors on the vehicle that detect sudden traffic stops and applies emergency braking if it detects a frontal collision may be imminent. In this same vein lies Smart Cruise Control (SCC), which uses the same features to sense the flow of traffic and applies the accelerator or brake as needed, to keep you moving as quickly as possible, but with proper distance and regard for the other vehicles on the road.

However, changing lanes can also be a trouble spot for most drivers, and Kia Drive Wise has thought of that with features like Lane Change Assist (LCA), which lets you know if vehicles are present in the lane you’ve currently indicated you want to shift into. There’s also Blind Spot Detection (BSD), that provides you with active sensing of those in your blind spots and flashes a warning when they’re present, just to let you know.

So whether you’re looking for AEB, SCC, LCA, or BSD, you can get it all with Kia Drive Wise, which is available on new Kia models like the 2019 Kia Optima and more. Come into Jake Sweeney Kia for our full lineup and drive home safer than ever. See you soon!